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225 Bulls Sell 250 Heifers Sell March 24
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OFF THE TOP Female Sale

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Sale Order and Supplement Sheet

The best females we have to offer will sell!
Right off the top of the GDAR herd!

Over 120 lots sell on November 14th
The GDAR Offering Includes:
The pick of the 2022 GDAR Heifer Calves
5 Donor Quality Cows
70 Bred Heifers
Embryo Pregnancies
Semen Packeges

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GDAR Program

We want to help you build your legacy in the form of an efficient & profitable cowherd that positively impacts your operation for years to come.

Over the past 65 years the GDAR prefix earned a reputation for maternal excellence, high performance genetics, structural soundness and easy keeping, eye appealing cattle. The tradition continues! GDAR is leading the way, continuosly improving Angus genetics by selecting for real world, relevant traits that will have the greatest impact on your operation.

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Mick Denowh
34750 County Rd 127
Sidney, MT 59270
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Paul Denowh
12637 HWY 16
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Chad Denowh
34751 County Rd 127
Sidney, MT 59270
H (406) 798-3541
C (406) 489-1762